Episode 9: Altia Systems, InfoComm Top Picks – Panacast Intelligent Vision 2.0 Suite

Michelle Loret hosts, talking with AV people about AV+ things.

The AV Person:

Aurangzeb Kahn – President & CEO at Altia Systems, Inc.

What is the +? 

The Transformative and Industry Changing at InfoComm 2018 – Top Picks

Michelle talks with Aurangzeb about:

  • Panacast camera development/journey
  • Panacast camera tech specification
  • The Altia Systems design/development team – innovation and achievements
  • Panacast components, audio/video
  • Intelligent zoom/framing
  • Chip development
  • Room detection/data
  • Optimization for user experience
  • Camera array, algorithms
  • Open standards
  • Overview of built-in intelligent room functionality
  • Current and future perspectives – intelligence and data

Altia Systems was included in InfoComm 2018 – Top Picks (the Next Ten).

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