Episode 5: Prysm, InfoComm 2018 Top Pick – LPD-6K Series

Corey Moss hosts, talking with AV people about AV+ things.

The AV Person:

Hannah Grap – VP of Marketing at Prysm

What is the +? 

The Transformative and Industry Changing at InfoComm 2018 – Top Picks

Corey talks with Hannah about:

  • Prysm the company
  • Prysm LPD-6K series
  • LPD-6K – attendee/integrator reaction at InfoComm 2018
  • End user Standard Process at InfoComm
  • LPD-6K installations across industries/markets
  • LPD-6K roadmap/extended partnerships

Prysm was included in InfoComm 2018 – Top Picks (the First Ten).


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